Our Story

An Authentic American Soda Fountain.

Soda pop and soda fountains are American interventions, and the soda fountain played a major role in the social life of this country. Soda fountains were always in drug stores since the original inventor of the soda water first claimed that it was medicinal and he sold it in his drugstore. Although in the 1950’s many fountains began to close, this one has existed since 1941.

It was at this location that Mr. Varner expanded his drugstore and fountain and opened the luncheonette in 1946. Mr. Varner, the pharmacist and owner would come from behind his drug cabinets and wander up to the soda fountain to serve the neighborhood kids.

We are committed to the same quality, personal service, and to preserving the integrity of the old fountains of yesteryear. Here, you’ll find an authentic fountain serving great sandwiches and salads made from scratch; scrumptious shakes, sodas and ice cream concoctions; good times and long lasting memories. Just like you remember!”
– Rocky’s Family